Today a client came back for more training after stopping driving for two months. Previously they drove a total of 10 hours with me.

At times I struggle with certain persons for various reasons, sometimes not really understanding why. Personalities do clash.

In fact, this client was traded off to another trainer because I was very frustrated with the seemingly no-progress during back-to-back sessions and I could not figure out why. The client still chooses to come back to me.

On top of this, the client seemed oblivious to our difficulties acting like they were absolutely fabulous when they were not. It was frustrating.

But today after a two-month break they drove 100% demonstrating absolutely everything previously discussed. In fact, they performed it all together as a solid unit smoothly following each checklist accurately for each maneuver.

I sat in amazement watching.

I love to drive and I really want to get good at this. For the last two months, I have practised over and over many times in my head and in my dreams.”




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