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ICBC has produced a list which you can download here.

I would also suggest adding four more areas to practise in once you feel you have an overall handle on moving the car and doing all of the basic movements:

  • Drive downtown Vancouver
  • Drive highways extended runs
  • Drive bridges and tunnels
  • Parking lots wide open spaces

Each of these areas provide a different take on the overall driver’s skill development. Variability in applying your skill while driving is an essential piece of helping that new driver grow.

Downtown requires a priority of knoing precisely your car’s position at all times, as well as a good solid reading of sings and road markings. Drivers who cannot go slow and who are lazy with their signs and lines reading do not like driving downtown.

Highways with extended runs allow steering gas and brake controls to be adjusted to accomodate much higher speeds which many fear initially. Additionally big long vision and reading signs lines far into the distance are all needed to effecetively and safely change lanes and manage highway speeds.

Bridges and tunnels are unique and can cause sudden road surface changes, loud noises and vision confusion with shadows and various different surfaces and structures that initially cause sudden fear in many new drivers.

Parking Lots are fantastic places to allow the new driver to get out and look 100 times if need be to learn the difference between thei perspective from the drivers seat as compared to where the four courses, sides and back and front of the real car are! Stremely valuable for any driver at any level. But epecially at the beginner level. GOAL is a great teacher. Get Out And Look.


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