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In a previous post I suggested adding a few things to the ICBC suggested practise list for New Drivers learning to drive. One of which is DRIVING DOWNTOWN.

Downtown Driving

Benefits of Downtown Practice

Downtown driving serves as a proving ground for my clients. Once they have mastered basic movements like left turns at lights, lane changes, parking, and moving with traffic, we tackle downtown driving. This area is congested and busy, with limited space, requiring precise positioning and constant awareness of signs and road markings.

  • Sign Awareness: Understanding and obeying signs and road markings is critical.
  • Position Control: Maintaining precise control of your car in tight spaces.
  • Slow Driving: Comfort with driving slowly and navigating short blocks, parked cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and buses.

My clients do not go downtown until they have a solid handle on the following basics…

  • Quiet Area Basics: Hands, feet, eyes, car positioning, and control.
  • Traffic Flow: Merging into and riding along with busy traffic.
  • Turning at Lights: Left and right turns in heavy traffic.
  • Lane Changes: Executing lane changes amidst busy traffic.
  • Parking: Mastering stall and parallel parking.

To prove you have the basics handled we go downtown to show you got all of it and that you can stitch it all together.


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