• Size Advantage:
    • Learning in larger cars makes transitioning to smaller vehicles easy.
    • Mastering compact cars first can make handling bigger vehicles challenging.
  • The Wheel Dilemma πŸ”„:
    • Small cars and big steel rims repeatedly cause embarrassing scrapes against curbs.
    • Larger cars cushion against curbs or roll over them, resulting in softer impacts and minimal noise.
    • Smaller cars amplify every scrape, leading to instant distress, and very loud grinding noises.
  • Mastering the Curb Game 🏁:
    • Teaching curb maneuvers (touching, rubbing, climbing) is seamless in bigger vehicles.
    • Trusting curbs, no fear of curbs is an important core skill.
  • Embracing Growth πŸ”„:
    • Cooper’s Driving School prioritizes instruction in stronger, larger vehicles for many reasons.
    • Attention to detail on your learning journey, without unnecessary noise and embarrassment.
    • Your confidence, anxiety, and comfort are critical factors in becoming a safe, calm & aware driver.

Join us at I Have Evolved Cooper’s Driving School and trade loud scrapes for quiet confidence! πŸŽ“πŸš¦


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