object versus space

Previously we learned that the top difficulties many new driver face when lane changing is as follows:

  1. Most look for the CARS versus searching for the SPACE
  2. Many look ONE-LONG-BIG look versus MULTIPLE SHORT GLANCES
  3. Near Everyone wants to get it done IMMEDIATELY versus when it is CLEAR and SAFE.


  1. Drive forward down a multi lane roadway and look at the cars ahead of you other in front of you and at the traffic head in your target lane. Now speak out loud the colour of each car as well as your estimate of their speed. BLUE 54 kmh

2. Also speak out loud your current speed. US 50 kmh

3. Repeat this 10 times with 10 different cars far ahead of you.

4. NEXT look at the space between the cars speaking the colours of the cars you are looking at and tell me if that space between them is big enough for us to get into? BLUE RED too small, GRAY BLACK big enough

5. Repeat this 10 times and compare what you say to what you copilot says. You are comparing estimate of the space between moving cars.

6. Now repeat this exercise but this time speak out loud the estimated speed of the SPACES between the two colour cars you announced. BLUE RED 50 kmh

Good you are starting to learn the skill of estimating speeds of spaces that are big enough to fit into. Plus you are estimating the speed the space is moving at. You are one step closer to Calm Lane Changes. Next, is being able to estimate this same information in your mirrors for the spaces behind you 🙂


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