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“Every driving lesson feels like a blur. I often disassociate and don’t understand my instructor’s explanations about the car’s position. It’s frustrating because I never know where the car is and the lessons feel like constant corrections,”go more right” or “more left.”





This post is for the driving instructors out in the world whom fail to listen carefully to the internal activity a new client may be experiencing. Their voice, their words, are the closest thing to their thoughts. So listen carefully please!



Stop Stop Stop. Your pace of teaching is too fast for the learner. Your words are useless. If someone is not listening or is unable to hear you, shut up! Many new learners see you as an authority figure and the learner does not yet have the skill to CONTROL their learning. If they did, they would be telling you to “SHUT UP!” “I am not learning anything here! I pay you money but I and not getting any benefit!” I teach every one of my clients to CONTROL me and to CONTROL the passengers so that they can focus totally on safe driving. Hence control their learning.

WOW! Dear instructor. – How do you as an instructor know where the car is? How do you control the direction and the lane positioning? Better yet, what is the driver focusing on when they are attempting to control the car. Maybe writing both viewpoints down on a piece of paper, beside one another would help BOTH of you LEARN what the other person sees! WOW! If you did this then maybe BOTH OF YOU WOULD BE LISTENING! To each other! Imagine that! Clear communication! Amazing! Team work! Two people learning. Wow!

Learning to drive is way more than gathering the rules and controlling the car. Way more!


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