stop the anxiety skill

As we learn to drive, my clients and I eventually share our thoughts and feelings honestly, and an extraordinary skill surfaces called ‘STOP.’

When things get too much, hit pause. Admit when it’s overwhelming. Don’t try to do everything at once. Take a breather, simplify things, and come back to it later. Just STOP!

But here’s the thing: many folks need this skill. Sometimes, you’ve gotta remind yourself again and again to chill out and stop freaking out. 

Additionally, I cannot see what is inside your mind or body. Usually, I can only see the panic after you panic. And it breaks my heart when we move into this area. I don’t want you to pay me to send you into a panic!

Learning to stop is super important, even if it initially feels weird. We’ve gotta be open to hitting the brakes on learning when things start feeling out of control, whether we’re guiding or learning.

Stopping the chaos is critical to finding calm driving.

It is a great skill, but it takes practice to express. 

Cooper: “OK, Please change lanes right now.”

Client: “NO.”

Cooper: “Excellent!”


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