Two books are the basic foundation of driving instruction here in British Columbia. Learn to Drive Smart and Tuning Up For Drivers. Additionally, the driving instructor’s course teaches the Motor Vehicle Act laws Division 27 which regulars driver training in BC, plus the instructor learns how to write lesson plans. Testing includes division 27 laws as well as our effectiveness in teaching multiple lesson plans. I would guess that the majority of in-car Class 5/7 instructors’ education stops here. Additionally, we are provided with references to extensive related teaching materials.

From here trainers gain experience by doing real client lessons plus bringing clients to their driving tests which generally focus on these 5 key areas based on materials I have discussed previously as well as Driver Examiners test day materials provided to each client on their test day.

I also have the GLP Instructors Certification Graduated Licensing Program: developing lesson plans that include a variety of instructional strategies, facilitating groups of adult learners in a classroom situation and assessing student progress throughout a course.

ICBC statistics show that 40% of Class 5/7 trainers have their GLP designation. (470/1155=40%) GLP trainers to Class 5/7 trainers. I also taught the full 30 hours insurance program to new drivers in Ontario for more than a decade.

Additionally, I have extensive training in several related topics as well as corporate work and similar driving instructor training in Ontario.

In conclusion to the original question – What Do You Teach During A Driving lesson?

I share pieces of all the materials I have learned throughout my life, depending on each client’s needs. Reading the posts on will give you some of these teachings. These posts are a continued attempt to both clarify my message, as well as help answer, What Do I Teach?

My main journey has always been to answer one question, which started in my teen years after experiencing my best friend’s motorbike crash, What is a Good Driver? Every day I continue to explore answers to this question, What is a Good Driver? Today I have come to this one statement that best explains what it is I strive to help others understand. I say a Good Driver is someone who seeks to do the following:

Maximize Your Actions to Drive at the Lowest Possible Risk, Always.


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