Question: Do you expect me to come to a complete stop in the midst of this congested bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic?

“Yes,” I respond.

The scene is a six-lane urban road mapped by a busy GPS route, currently clogged with rush hour traffic moving at an average speed of 60 to 70 km/h. Vehicles of all types—trucks, buses, cars, and bikers—are navigating through the gridlock, each commuter eager to reach their destination.

What could possibly justify an abrupt cessation right in the midst of the fast lane, compelling numerous vehicles behind to grind to a halt?

This marked the first instance where a novice driver explicitly articulated a deep-seated fear. The proclamation was not only loud and emotional but also remarkably precise in its depiction.

“Yes,” I confirm.

At last, the driver was articulating their fundamental convictions audibly and unequivocally.

Their unwavering and intense fixation on the traffic behind, fraught with fear, proved to be the predominant thought occupying their mind. While I had always acknowledged its presence, the vastness of the six-lane highway and the rapid, tightly packed rush hour traffic elevated their anxiety. Consequently, their reaction to my directive to stop manifested as a vehement outpouring of words directed squarely at me.

Making a left turn amidst business traffic necessitates bringing the entire lane of cars behind you to a standstill, obliging them to wait until a safe opening emerges in the three lanes of oncoming traffic.

The option of hastily traversing these three oncoming lanes and a pedestrian crosswalk seemed to be dismissed, overshadowed by the driver’s core apprehension of rearward traffic—a fear that clouds their perception of the imminent hazards we are rapidly approaching.

Yet, their candid and forceful expression of their foundational beliefs and fears holds paramount significance in the process of learning to drive.

flat tire

Adult Driving Lessons

Anxiety, fear or stress are awareness signs telling you of the danger.

Great! Let us listen and use this information to guide our learning.

Come join the hundreds who drive today and every day!

You can do it!

We can help.



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