parking lot line of cars
Parking is the ultimate conclusion to all driving. You drive for the afternoon and finally arrive. Now, what will you […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Car A 100% at Fault go see example one here go see example two here GO SEE ICBC’s DISCUSSION OF […]
close up of one brown eye watery
“As I cross over lions gate on my motorcycle, I set up my quick scans to do a lane change […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Car A 100% at Fault I routinely look for different ways that driving risk is assessed. In this section of […]
hands from team holding pieces of the puzzle
SESSION 30Today was our thirties driving lesson for client “B.” (20 x1.5 hours = 30 hours total driving) (30 x1.5 […]
An Experienced Drivers First Lesson is Different. Read More Here. We meet, and I drive for about four minutes and […]
three trees healthy to dying
Failed My Driving Test. What Do These Notes Mean? A few years back, I moved from Ontario to Vancouver. I […]
“Many clients are very concerned with what the driver in the car behind us is thinking. As we move our […]
TIRF just released “addressing cannabis-impaired driving: International researchers join forces to help inform policy and legislation globally” well worth reading. […]
This is the most popular question I hear during my Vancouver Driving Lessons. Transport Canada has published the fatal and […]
Q: What! Do you suggest I manage my co-pilot? CLIENT A: YES! Absolutely. This is your learning. Be responsible for […]
Two books are the basic foundation of driving instruction here in British Columbia. Learn to Drive Smart and Tuning Up […]
Tonight was a long discussion with a Vancouver driving lesson client who continually pulls out in front of green vehicles […]
License Valid Up to Date & Proper Class of Vehicle Walk around the car looking for objects underneath or close […]
Most every day while on a driving lesson clients ask me the following: Why do the two cars directly in […]

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