Car Pulls Out From Stop Sign Directly Into My Bike’s Path! I was travelling north on Union St. Car was […]
Great info here on streets, transportation, driving, traffic, traffic calming, boating, rail safety, parking, meters, parking permits, PNE backyard parking, […]
FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE - change and improve
The entire set of cars ahead of you goes red. Dozens of red brake lights light up, indicating that the […]
Big Nail in My Tire
Actually, it was a very long screw deep in my beautiful $300+ tires. My morning walk around where I pick […]
FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE - change and improve
As you approach an intersection what do your eyes do? Are you doing a quick pre intersection scan looking first […]
2 cars crashing head on
Does your driving school teach you how to get to a hospital in an emergency? Do you know where the […]
Look at the tire on your car and tell me how much of the tire touches the ground? Four handprints […]
Car A getting from right lane to left lane and Car B getting from left lane to right lane at the same time
This entire section of ICBC’s website shows multiple or common collisions and how the fault is settled. Take a look. […]
2 cars collision head on
Over a period of four months, I learned to drive. Then I passed the driving test and bought a car. […]
4 road turning signs - sharp turns vs wide turns
Then why would drivers NOT read these signs warning you of the future?
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