A vehicle drives through an intersection with no stop signs. A crash occurs when a second vehicle drives through the […]
A vehicle stops at an intersection with a four-way stop and then proceeds. A crash occurs when a second vehicle […]
These accidents occur when one vehicle enters an intersection on a red light while another enters the same intersection on a […]
This crash occurs when a vehicle changes lanes and collides with another vehicle that is leaving a parking spot. In the […]
An accident in a roundabout occurs when one vehicle enters a roundabout and collides with another vehicle already in the roundabout. […]
These collisions happen when a driver crosses a sidewalk or roadway while pulling out of a parking lot and collides […]
These collisions happen when a person riding a bike or scooter on the road against the direction of traffic collides […]
​These collisions happen when a cyclist rides inside a crosswalk and is struck or overtaken by a driver. In this […]
A crash at an uncontrolled intersection occurs when a vehicle is driving through that intersection and collides with an approaching […]
Two vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time. A crash occurs when both vehicles proceed into the […]
A vehicle is driving straight through an uncontrolled T-intersection (an intersection with no stop signs or lights). A second vehicle […]
These collisions happen when a driver overtakes a cyclist in order to make a right turn. In this diagram, the […]
chaos coming soon to a road near you
“The Province is a leading jurisdiction in North America for defining and protecting vulnerable road users.” The huge well funded […]
Finding ‘good’ varies with each person. There are more than 1500 driving schools in British Columbia. You can find the […]
learn to drive in vancouver
Step 1: Let’s Keep It Simple: We kick off by simplifying the process. With my dual car controls, we ensure […]

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