We BLUE CAR were changing lanes.

I checked, and checked my rear mirror.

The lane beside was clear.

I signaled and started to move left.

My friend in the front seat touched my arm and delayed my movement to my left.

He saw the RED CAR moving into the same lane at the same time as me.

Wow! I was so scared. I did not see the RED CAR at all.

Yes, I checked my blind side but, clearly not checked it deep enough to the far left to catch that other driver’s lane change.


  1. continually make your awareness space around you bigger and bigger and bigger as you drive.
  2. learn these unusual situations, things like my lane is ending or forcing me into an exit I don’t want and realize that multi lanes can setup this two cars moving into the same space incident.
  3. make your awareness and vision further and further ahead of you so that you can set up these movements early giving yourself more time to deal with conflicts, such as this incident.
  4. talk about these kinds of close calls or incidents so that you can continue to improve and increase one’s awareness.
  5. realize that driving is EXPERIENCE and it keeps on coming your entire lifetime.

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