FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE - change and improve
The entire set of cars ahead of you goes red. Dozens of red brake lights light up, indicating that the […]
FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE - change and improve
“Oh so let us toot the horn. Just give it a quick toot toot,” I calmly ask the new driver. […]
Distances are important for a driver’s test. Very important. Stopping in traffic behind a stopped car in traffic. Must not […]
Some choose to believe… Never allowing the thought ‘failure’ into your mind is exactly the same as the ‘failure’ never […]
My driving test is tomorrow. Help me prepare, please. I arrive. You jump into the driver’s seat. We pull out […]
THESE ARE COMMON WORDS FRIENDS and FAMILY SAY TO A NEW DRIVER “Hurry Up You Are Driving So Slow.” “Drivers […]
Entering the intersection the head-on car is directly in front of us continues to turn blocking our path. We are […]
Failure is a great teacher if you are listening. In driving, experience is the accumulation of new and more information […]
The car ahead swerved and avoided the hit. @:008 The driver ahead SLOWS down @007 and SWERVES @008 right before […]
Take note of the very beginning where they walk from between two parked cars with their head down eyes forward […]
We are all human. We all make mistakes. Looking for only your sign, that one facing you ignores the fact […]
Watch the video and see how many hazards you can spot. On a road test you must say at least […]
When you cross at a major intersection in the pedestrian crosswalks on a green light, where do you look? Today […]
I wake up. I stretch. My cat stretches. We both gasp walk to the balcony and admire the morning sun. […]

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