Today another driving instructor said hi, and we briefly chatted about our cars. We were parked beside each other in […]
sad face and one star of 5 stars
HIGHEST QUALITY EDUCATION AND INFORMATION With my lifetime of driver education, tremendous experience with fleets and all kinds of drivers, […]
careful on lane changes dont crash
Car A 50% at Fault Car B 50% at Fault Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you […]
sign right turn symbol
SETUP 1. Approaching any turn, roadway or intersection first needs to be scanned to ensure it’s legal, you know where […]
man blindfolded about to step off edge of cliff
Often clients come to me with this statement believing they are not good at driving. Many have heard confirming comments […]
three trees healthy to dying
(cut car off) – DA – Dangerous Action forced the car beside us to move on a lane change. Fail […]
woman sremaing with 7 hands presenting tasks
“Turning the corner while checking the blind side of the car, I think, is super dangerous. How can you check […]
Parking Brake Bumps PRNDL Restart the Restart the Restart Parking Brake – Driving away with the parking brake on can […]
My beginning decade of teaching driving lessons with classroom training, saw many individuals not able to ask for help, beleiveing […]

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