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“Turning the corner while checking the blind side of the car, I think, is super dangerous. How can you check the blind side, keep the car in the right place, slow down properly and scan the intersection simultaneously? To me, this blind spot checking is a dangerous practice.” New Client

I hear this everyday conversation from drivers who have never developed the check-your-blind-spot habit during a driving lesson.

Interestingly, the majority choose one belief when I ask them the following question.

We humans absolutely cannot multitask. It is a myth.

We humans are very good at multitasking.

The vast majority tell me they are very good at multitasking as their frustration level grows every time they attempt to glue the blindspot on top of their turn. This frustration level continues the more they try to multitask.

Why do you think? Can we multitask?

Come talk about it in your next driving lesson. What does your driving instructor say about this?

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