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1. Approaching any turn, roadway or intersection first needs to be scanned to ensure it’s legal, you know where the tracking lanes and lines are, in order to set up your speed and positioning.

2. Plus you now know when and how to best warn cars to your rear, brake lights red and signal light, and warnings to the right sides of your intended change of direction to ensure others can accommodate your movement and speed changes and can best handle your slowdown.

3. Additionally looking blocks ahead gives you a good look at other vehicles navigating through the space you will soon enter. This observation of flow preempts the coming lines, laws and planned right turn, giving you multiple examples of the turn you will soon be making.


4. All green paths you are crossing now must be cleared to ensure you don’t fail to impede anyone’s right of way, pedestrians, bikes or vehicles. Carefully stop in the proper place then move carefully around the corner generally under or around 20 km/h.


5. After completing the turn, proceed up to the flow speed and complete the movement by scanning the rearview mirror to ensure your decisions were correct and safe.

Right Turn List, Yielding List

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