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With my lifetime of driver education, tremendous experience with fleets and all kinds of drivers, plus decades in corporate change management, you pay me solid money, hundreds or thousands of dollars…

…and the night before your exam…


You watch a video that you paid ZERO CENTS FOR! Which any dog and pony can upload…


Top-quality training, deep discussions, being very well prepared, multiple fake tests – THEN watching the lowest possible error-infested videos, FREE, is beyond my understanding.

The best silliness I ever hear was someone who stayed up practising driving all night long before their test day playing video games, crashing-car-racing-games, which were from a country that drove on the wrong side of the road. Yea practising your brain to practise crashing and left-hand driving for 24 hours solid before your test day is a good plan! NOT!

Needless to say, they failed the test!

The next best example is a client who failed the test for being too slow when at each stop sign, they sat there and counted to three before moving.

My response was, “WHAT? Where did you learn that? Of all the hours we drove, I never taught you that!”

Oh well, I learned it on BOOTUBE last night,” CLIENT REPLYS.

G R E A T!


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