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(cut car off) – DA – Dangerous Action forced the car beside us to move on a lane change. Fail to yield right of way when moving into the adjacent lane. FAIL

wide turn – Too far away from the curb on a right turn. Must follow the shape of the curb staying half a car width from the curb and angled to discourage others from cutting into the space on your right side and communicating your intended turn.

Car in wrong gear – Tried to move forward when in R reverse. Tried to move backwards when in D drive. Tries to move when in P park. Tries to move when in N Neutral. FAIL

Too fast on Adanac 30 zone – V Violation speeding in a 30 km/h zone FAIL

Ran stop – Ex took control – Ran a stop sign. Examiner took control of the car. FAIL

All of these comments are good to be aware of and practise, and review as much as possible on every driving lesson in preparation for your test.

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