careful on lane changes dont crash

Car A 50% at Fault

Car B 50% at Fault

Again, any lateral move must be done only when it is clear and safe to proceed laterally. On multi-lane highways, this can occur while another vehicle is also moving into the same space. The fault falls to 50/50 when both collide on lateral moves.

Signal your intention and make sure it is safe and clear.

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SEE ICBC’s FAULT EXAMPLES – Crash when both vehicles are changing lanes


151 Driving on laned roadway

Driving on laned roadway

151   A driver who is driving a vehicle on a laned roadway

(a) must not drive it from one lane to another when a broken line only exists between the lanes, unless the driver has ascertained that movement can be made with safety and will in no way affect the travel of another vehicle,

(b) must not drive it from one lane to another if that action necessitates crossing a solid line,

(c) must not drive it from one lane to another without first signalling his or her intention to do so by hand and arm or approved mechanical device in the manner prescribed by sections 171 and 172,

(d) when approaching an intersection intending to turn left must drive the vehicle in the centre lane or in the lane nearest the centre of the roadway on the right hand half of the highway,

(e) when approaching an intersection intending to turn right must drive the vehicle in the lane nearest to the right hand side of the roadway,

(f) must not pass a vehicle on the left if that action necessitates driving on that part of the highway designated for travel in the opposite direction, and

(g) if a traffic control device directs slow moving traffic to use a designated lane, must when driving slowly drive the vehicle in that lane only.


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