head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Car A 100% at Fault Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you should be very familiar with. […]
smashed windscreen on car
Be a safe pedestrian (ICBC) Knowing the precise numbers helps manage your perceived risk versus the actual risk help when […]
bright blue eye looking at eye chart letters
Can you please help me? I struggle with lane changes. I cannot park well at all. Can you please help? […]
This occurs and, sadly, is a real problem. Yes, there are drivers out there without coverage on their cars. This […]
Driving Lesson – Learning To Drive  Includes the range of skills required to move the car exactly where you want […]
Two big issues I see that harm a new learner during their first driving lesson: 1. dumping all content as […]
Find a car. Find someone who knows how to operate the car. Drive the car. Voila! A Driving Lesson! Licensing […]
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ANSWER: SPACE The best definition of a car crash I have ever heard is TWO CARS IN THE SAME SPACE. […]

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