Find a car.

Find someone who knows how to operate the car.

Drive the car.

Voila! A Driving Lesson!

  1. Licensing and Legal are the first part of any driving lesson. This is typically managed by the owner of the car however it’s important to take note that YOU the new driver take on the responsibility for all laws, and licensing issues the moment you sit in the driver’s seat! Yes, there are many stories of new drivers on their first driving lesson blindly trusting their copilot and ending up in big trouble.
  2. Learning the basic controls is the second step of your driving lesson. What key do you use to start? Is it a button Which way do you turn it? Does your foot need to be on the brake? What about the lights and locking the doors? Again your copilot often does many of these things for you, such as unlocking the car or releasing the steering lock for you. But realize that this driving lesson cannot possibly cover all the controls. Time is needed over many different driving lessons allowing for repetition to help you learn during this lesson and in your future lessons.
  3. Moving the Car is the third step of your driving lesson. No matter what a lesson contains for sure moving the car is the ultimate purpose of all driving lessons. Where you plan to drive during the lesson and what you are going to practise and work on during the driving lesson should be discussed together with your copilot.
  4. Document, Review, Repeat and Plan is the fourth step in learning to drive during a driving lesson. Learning to drive is extremely complex yet it is often treated as easy with little regard to both the complexity and the danger accompanying this driving lesson. Documentation is a critical part of any learning that you want to take seriously, Death and injury are part of this driving lesson. It’s a good time to take this seriously.

What is a Good Driver? Really? Cooper Asks

We strongly recommend not training a new driver on your own. We suggest you hire a registered driving instructor with experience in a dual-controlled, fully insured driving school car.


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