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The best definition of a car crash I have ever heard is TWO CARS IN THE SAME SPACE.

The further away from another car, the lower the risk.


Now notice how many drivers DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS.

Most tailgate 1/2 second from the car ahead of them when research knows it takes you at least 2 seconds to stop the car.

Stopped traffic is so tight together that when a runaway truck smashes into a long lineup of cars, many drivers tell the same story that they couldn’t do anything but watch and listen to all the cars behind them get smashed!

Hurry up, move people and yell or toot at others who slow you down! Of course, you need to get as close to them as possible as you blast the horn! Because they are WRONG, and you need to TEACH THEM THE RIGHT WAY!


Try it sometime.

Self-educate yourself and try and hold massive space around all sides of your car.

Or come for a great eye-opening driving lesson and let us show you a calmer way.


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