This occurs and, sadly, is a real problem. Yes, there are drivers out there without coverage on their cars. This is also why you must ensure you are adequately insured each time you drive. Costs associated with a collision are more extensive than most of us know because most of the costs are buried and often never seen by those involved in the original conflict. But if you mistakenly crash without insurance, you will see and be responsible for the costs!


Very easy. Often because of a simple mistake in managing your coverage or driver’s license or checking a car’s insurance details before driving. A few examples here…

Life is busy with deadlines and days filled with activities. You somehow misplace the insurance renewal on your car, and the crash occurs four days after the expiry date of the insurance policy. NO INSURANCE, NO COVERAGE. THE COSTS COME OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

Your car breaks down unexpectantly while on a deadline for work. You must have a car to continue, so you ask to borrow your best friend’s car, knowing he doesn’t use it on weekdays. Sadly a driver smashes into you, totalling your best friend’s car. You then discover that your best friend did not have insurance on the vehicle. NO INSURANCE, NO COVERAGE. THE COSTS COME OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

Your son goes for a diving lesson and gets involved in a collision. The driving school car was not insured. Your son is charged with driving without insurance. NO INSURANCE, NO COVERAGE. THE COSTS COME OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

You drive to the mall one day and get into a severe crash. There may be a very serious injury involving brain damage. You find out that your license expired a week ago. NO LICENSE, NO INSURANCE, NO COVERAGE. THE COSTS COME OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

Run over on a sidewalk, North Shore man a test case in new ICBC Insurance Model

Special Note Here. Not once on a driving lesson has a client asked to see my driver’s license, checking to see that it is valid, nor have they ever asked to see my vehicle insurance, also checking to see if it’s valid. Is this not how most of us operate around cars? This habit can potentially get you into the NO INSURANCE mistake discussed here.


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