Driving Lesson – Learning To Drive 

Includes the range of skills required to move the car exactly where you want it to be by repeating exercises that build your mastery. Errors, mistakes, successes, laughter, and struggle are all part of these times. These driving lessons involve two people working together to transfer the skills from your driving instructor to the new driver.  

SPECIAL NOTE: I found that jumping to preparing for the test too early can truncate the more natural gentle learning. I also think focusing too early on the test moves new drivers to a more rushed standard of driving. 

Preparation for Driving Test – Driving Lessons

Road Test prep driving lessons are you presenting your previously learned skill sets. The focus here is on a specific set of demerit errors and broken laws that the examiners monitor. The previous driving lessons were cooperative in building and helping each other. This stops during the test preparation sessions. The instructor goes silent other than directions, and you perform the tasks. 

And yes, there is a learning component here. Spot the demerit errors and notice the failed laws. With enough repeat mini-tests, you will start to be able to score yourself and get better at not making the errors. 

And yes, we often stop the test prep sessions and switch back to a shorter, learning to drive driving lesson to correct any misunderstanding. 


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