THESE ARE COMMON WORDS FRIENDS and FAMILY SAY TO A NEW DRIVER “Hurry Up You Are Driving So Slow.” “Drivers […]
Vision makes up the majority of the conversations when learning to drive. Many believe that vision is perfect, simple and […]
The top two incidents that help a new driver truly understand the danger that surrounds them while moving a 2000 […]
Shane, a new drive,r has over thirty hours of driver training with instructors and zero driving other than that. We […]
“Sorry I wasn’t listening to you. I was concentrating on that left turn at the lights,” voices my new driver. […]
We are all human. We all make mistakes. Looking for only your sign, that one facing you ignores the fact […]
Typically learning-drivers take training at the same time of the day. For example 6:30 pm right after work. This happens […]
In my humble opinion as a driving instructor… Most if not all revert right back to their previous country’s way […]
MISSED RED STOP SIGN WHY? 57th and Prince Edward Vancouver Decades ago my best friend ran a stop sign […]
WHITE Critical Regulations Rules Laws Top Most Important Pay Attention Here! YELLOW Warning Caution Hard Your Future Watch ahead These […]

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