In my humble opinion as a driving instructor…

Most if not all revert right back to their previous country’s way of driving within 5 minutes of passing the exam.

Many are excited happy and very anxious to SHOW ME HOW THEY DRIVE like back home, now that they are licensed.

I learned the hard way to NEVER let them drive home after passing the driver’s test.

Here COOPER I am so happy I passed I will now show you how we drive in XXXXXXXXX. Hang on!


I have worked with a mountain of class 5 drivers from other countries in preparation for their road test.

I can say with great confidence that the coaching they received to pass the test has a near ZERO long-term effect on them – and for sure has no change of habits.

Come on now. 8 plus years or 3 years or 2 years driving in your own country VERSUS 5+ hours being coached to pass a test.

So, the question remains, WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM THIS?


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