Vision makes up the majority of the conversations when learning to drive.

Many believe that vision is perfect, simple and that it just works.

Nothing to learn here.

This is a myth.

However, learning how vision truly works is critical to building a safe driver.

For example, open your eyes right now but do not allow any images to enter. You cannot. So, do you control your vision? Or are your eyes in control?


Innovega Inc. is changing our future vision.

A contact lens and normal-looking eyewear combo that integrates the kind of data and 3d imaging into real-world vision that looks much like something Tony Stark in Marvel’s Ironman and Avengers movies. A mix of technology, high resolution, 3D, Artificial Intelligence, television, monitor screen, google glasses and more.

Jump into a new car and just look and see how much vision is decided by the car, not you.

The Future Of Vision.


I Have Evolved.

Quality Driver Training.

A Vancouver Driving School.


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