We are all human.

We all make mistakes.

Looking for only your sign, that one facing you ignores the fact that you make mistakes.

Looking only for your sign in an intersection is 25% of the entire information available to you.

That is 75% that you are assuming is in support of your one sign.

That’s a habit of ignoring 75% of the information when entering the most hazardous portion of driving – THE INTERSECTION.

What happens when you miss your one sign because of an overhanging tree or a large truck?

Well, you hope the other driver crossing legally through the intersection DOESN’T DRIVE LIKE YOU!

100% signs include all lines, lights, laws plus by-laws and normal practises expected of you as you play this Game called Driving. It’s the game board as if no one is in the world except you. Do you understand all the markings laws and right of ways in this game?
Of all the games in life, should not this one be the most important because it is the highest risk activity most of us do every single day throughout or entire lifetime?

And how many driving instructors don’t teach this??????

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