callander saturday
Ok, well, not everywhere, but many clients ask me for Saturday road tests because they work all week. The good […]
test sign on dark background
Yes, some but not all centers offer standby road tests. Read all about it here at this link. Bring a […]
your current ICBC driver’s license primary and secondary identification a safe vehicle with insurance papers if under 19 a guardian […]
Driving Lesson – Learning To Drive  Includes the range of skills required to move the car exactly where you want […]
What is the connection? Distances are important for a driver’s test. Very important. Part of a Parallel Park includes revering […]
last week in Richmond at the Lansdowne location this sign allows walk-ins, no appointments at certain times 8:30am to10:20am. YIPPEE! […]
I failed my ICBC road test 3 times and it is embarrassing! Don’t tell anyone your driving test date! Several […]
Who is right? Who is wrong? THINK BIGGER – driving is a social activity. Mistakes happen. Every day we err. […]
External distractions cause many drivers to get into trouble, such as cellphones, passengers, or driving past a recently smashed-up car.  […]

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