part I – legal to drive

  1. the physical license is in my pocket
  2. glasses if I needed – and sunglasses
  3. copilot or other requirements if needed
  4. insurance. plates and ownership legal on the car (yes, you can be charged if anything is wrong)
  5. car is healthy – all lights must work – tires are in good shape – seat belts work as do airbags, and no dash red light warnings of mechanical issues
  6. car has fuel
  7. you have the car keys

part 2 – circle the car

  1. any liquids underneath the vehicle as you approach
  2. eyes look at the four wheels of the vehicle – the car is level, with no flats
  3. no damage or broken glass or damaged body – may need to report vandalism or an insurance claim
  4. walk around the car to ensure no dangerous items or children are in the blind areas
  5. walk counterclockwise to build the habit of always facing the traffic
  6. take note of the angle of your steering wheels
  7. take note of all objects in your immediate surroundings – specifically blind areas

part 2 – inside the car

  1. secure all loose objects in the car – place them in the trunk
  2. position the seat for both comfort control and maximum vision
  3. position the headrest
  4. adjust mirrors
  5. engage the main brakes with your right foot ( great habit )
  6. start the car and listen for unusual noises ( note to your mechanic )
  7. turn on lights and adjust entire car settings prior to moving – again, listen for any changes in the car sounds
  8. toot the horn – yes every day teach your body to go to the horn so that it’s automatic when you need it – a little toot as small and as short and as quiet as possible
  9. clear your thoughts and set your mind in gear to continue to be fully aware and vigilant with your vision for your entire journey.
  10. strive each drive to improve your awareness and visual searches
  11. be safe

Voila, each and every day can be your own mini-driving lesson!


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