With all the Covid shutdowns, people selling driving lessons have exploded. Illegal operations can get you into trouble for many reasons, including financial.

  1. Student Driver letters on the rear of the car
  2. Valid license Plate
  3. Valid Vancouver Business Plates
  4. License plate that matches insurance policy number
  5. ‘Driving School’ showing on the insurance
  6. Valid vehicle inspection decal
  7. Valid driving school license
  8. Valid instructor’s driver’s license
  9. Valid driving instructor’s license
  10. School is listed on the ICBC LIST as “iHaveEvolved.com”
  11. The instructor is wearing glasses when license states must wear glasses (Res 21)
  12. The car has passenger control dual brakes
  13. Full transparency of ALL valid documents
  14. Various payment methods are available. Avoid cash only.
  15. Attentive instructors DO NOT fall asleep
  16. You remember your instructor’s name
  17. You get a receipt stating the amount, school name and purchase
17 Criteria to Determine if Your Driving School is Legal & Safe

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