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My most admitted mentor in road safety often stated, “the road system is extremely forgiving.”

Many are unprepared for these rare incidents resulting in frequent close calls, near misses, and scarey events quickly forgotten or conveniently erased by our powerful minds.

We are legally forced to pay into the insurance pool, accepting these rare 10 % or 1% incidents. If not forced, would you pay into the pooled risk? Or would you gamble the 90% odds and drive without insurance? In the USA it is well known that many drivers gamble without insurance.

What are the odds of failure in this game of driving?

How many choose to play the odds and believe they can continue into the 90% till eternity?

I’ve read risk and chances of injury, death and data for decades. It is complex. Often I don’t understand the relevance to me specifically. I am simply left with, keep your eyes open constantly, use a defence system of strong habits to hopefully catch those big dangers and rare moments soon enough to avoid them.

Last week, an experienced client had to slam down the brakes in my car aggressively because the vehicles ahead stopped suddenly. I asked if their energy jumped during that incident, and they confirmed that it jumped, but not too much because this kind of incident always occurred.

How often, I asked? Well, 6 or 7 times a week, or on average once a day!

When I drive, I haven’t had this kind of forced sudden braking more than once in the last ten years!


ANSWER – Core habits of keeping out of trouble must be developed and practised years before that one extreme incident appears.

  • I am practicing keeping away from these incidents.
  • Others are practising staying in them!

Stop gambling. Come talk about this in your next Vancouver Driving Lesson 🙂


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