Who is to blame? Will you be conscious after you are hit to discuss the question? A frightening idea and, worse, a very scary situation to be involved with. And what does the law say about this? ICBC discusses it as part of their 33 crashes. This one is called “Crash making left turn at […]
The day is Monday, December 19, 2022. The location is Vancouver.  The event is a Class 7 ICBC driving test.  The weather is freezing snow-packed icy roads.  Sunday Night, it snowed heavily, and I cancelled my driving lesson due to the weather. Monday, it stopped snowing, but the roads were still dangerous. I called ICBC […]
Guidance with rental cars to manage a different car. Comfort with their own car, a new car or EV – most often to park in their tight garage location. Highways merging and going fast in heavy traffic to get to calm not nervous. Annual checkup to ensure skills and awareness is improving now declining. Errand […]
Drove a bit in my home country and then found Cooper for ten lessons. The examiner got in the car and started talking about multiple programming languages. He knew that I was in the coding business. I love to talk about my industry, but it’s my driving test! I need to concentrate on my driving! […]
I passed even after parking on the white line! Why do you think this is? Many drivers are very concerned about parking properly for the ICBC exam. With that added exam pressure, it can be a challenge to get your car into the proper place safely. Being able to park all five types of parks is […]
Not a single mark! Examiner had nothing to say except “You Passed!” I travel for work, and I have been driving with my international license for years now. My driver’s permit became invalid during my assignment in Vancouver. Please keep in mind that I know no one in Vancouver.  I’ve never been in Vancouver and […]
Over a period of four months, I learned to drive. Then I passed the driving test and bought a car. My family and I were thrilled to be mobile but I still was somewhat hesitant each time we ventured out. Persistence kept me at it even on snow-covered roads. I was succeeding. Then it happened. […]
“Sorry I wasn’t listening to you. I was concentrating on that left turn at the lights,” voices my new driver. “Sorry Sorry Can you please stop talking! I am trying to concentrate on my driving thanks,” says my new driver. “Shut Up!” hollers my new driver! Ignoring your passengers is a skill. Part of the […]
You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. To pass your ICBC TEST, you need to master two main areas: ICBC Examiners Requirements & Your Eight Years of Habits. AREA01: ICBC Examiners Requirements SHORT TERM MEMORY (few hours) Learn To Drive Smart  Tuning Up the Driver A […]
Last week as we drove from Vancouver to New Westminster. The rain turned to sleet, and then to snow. By the time we arrived at the New Westminster ICBC Driving Exam Center, there were several centimetres of snow on the ground. We both kept our fingers crossed and hoped that the snow would stop before […]
Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear related to driving is the majority of my clients. Most have worked with previous trainers and schools before finding me. Dealing with higher energy while driving is a big challenge. Half of my clients are licensed drivers, and half are new drivers, some with zero driving experience. New Drivers […]
https://www.transfinder.com/resources/the-history-of-seatbelts Automobiles are an essential commodity in the modern world. The industrial revolution saw the start of a changing planet with seemingly infinite possibilities. Seat belts installed in your car guarantee increased passenger safety during your travels on the open road. In an ever-evolving world, where platinum rims and shiny exteriors can dazzle and distract, […]
I’m so thankful for Cooper. He’s the best driving instructor ever! He helped me manage my anxiety when it comes to driving and taught me to be a calm and safe driver. Thanks to his help, I was able to pass my class 5 road test in ONE attempt. 😀 My friend recommended him to […]
STEEL  As we drive down the residential road at 30 or 40 km/h, we see a long line of parked cars filling the entire block to our right- not a perfect line, with several vehicles jutting out a bit into our lane. PAINT To our left is that perfectly straight yellow centre line separating us […]
I  WANT TO BE A SUPER SAFE DRIVER! This is a familiar statement from many driving schools and driver training groups. However, many of these schools are rarely seen outside the test areas. Hmmm. Words versus Deeds. When I first entered the training industry, I was shocked at the list I was instructed to follow […]

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