• Guidance with rental cars to manage a different car.
  • Comfort with their own car, a new car or EV – most often to park in their tight garage location.
  • Highways merging and going fast in heavy traffic to get to calm not nervous.
  • Annual checkup to ensure skills and awareness is improving now declining.
  • Errand runs with tight spaces with lots of traffic and parking spots that disappear fast if you don’t move quickly.

Q: And guess which one is the most common?

A: Errand Runs!

We are on our way to the sub shop to buy lunch and there on the far side of the road is one perfect parking spot right in front of the store. How do I get us turned around quick enough to catch the spot? Plus there is so much traffic. How do I maneuver to ensure others give me the time and space I need to get my car into the space safely and legally?

These sessions are great fun because we get to see how snappy one can move the car in tight places using all kinds of manoeuvres. two-point turns, tight three-point turns, reversing, or circling the block or alleyways to creatively find and grab those rare parking spots in busy traffic.

I love it cause I get to drive from my chair which is so fun and very funny for clients to watch.

Greater fun for them to imitate and grab those perfect parking spots with confidence!

Let’s Eat!

Post-Training Driving Lessons

In downtown busy Vancouver!

The Best!

A little about our lead instructor COOPER

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