Drove a bit in my home country and then found Cooper for ten lessons.

The examiner got in the car and started talking about multiple programming languages. He knew that I was in the coding business.

I love to talk about my industry, but it’s my driving test!

I need to concentrate on my driving! And not on talking!

But I do not want to be rude to the examiner!


Cooper and I worked extensively on developing total concentration and full management decisions around safe driving.

What do I do?

I also carefully explained how important it was for me not to speak…

As politely as I could, I kindly explained my passion for talking about python and all coding languages. I also carefully explained how important it was for me not to speak and concentrate on driving.

The examiner graciously agreed and remained silent.

I passed my driving test.

I know how to manage my focus, thanks to excellent driving lessons.

100% focus!


A True Story May 30, 2022.


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