tons of snow dunsmuir overpass

The day is Monday, December 19, 2022.

The location is Vancouver. 

The event is a Class 7 ICBC driving test. 

The weather is freezing snow-packed icy roads. 

Sunday Night, it snowed heavily, and I cancelled my driving lesson due to the weather.

Monday, it stopped snowing, but the roads were still dangerous.

I called ICBC and was told my test was still a go.

Cooper arrived an hour earlier than scheduled to get me Snow-Ready!

I have never driven in snow or icy, slippery conditions in my entire life!

For thirty minutes, I learned to slide on glare sheet ice which Cooper calls ten.

I also learned to spot bone drive surfaces Cooper called zero or one.

I also mastered all slippery rankings from zero, one thru to ten.

We then did a typical pretest warmup reviewing all core manoeuvres.

We arrived at the test center and parked in one of the eight parking stalls.

We were the only car there!

I drove hyper-nervous for thirty or forty minutes and parked back at the test center again in the stall parking spaces. 


I passed!

The ice and snow and zero traction did not bother me throughout my exam, nor did I slide or lose tire traction!



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