With eight years of driving experience in your home country, your ICBC test is just a week away. To succeed, focus on two main areas: ICBC Examiner Requirements and Your Eight Years of Habits.

Area 1: ICBC Examiner Requirements

In the short term (a few hours), concentrate on:

  1. Learn the ‘Drive Smart: ICBC BOOK

  2. Learn the “Tuning up your Drivers” ICBC BOOK

  3. Finding a quality driving instructor

  4. Practicing 30 minutes in all directions of the exam center

Area 2: Your Eight Years of Habits

Over the long term (eight years), pay attention to:

  1. Understanding your brain and body

  2. Observing your habits

How to Learn Area 1:

Option 1: Hire an experienced driving instructor who knows the ICBC requirements and has experience with road tests. They’ll provide valuable insights.

Option 2: Read the two ICBC books, research online, and explore various routes from the test center. However, relying solely on short-term memory can be risky.

How to Learn Area 2:

Seeing your own habits can be challenging. Consider:

  1. Videotaping yourself

  2. Enlisting an observant instructor or friend to help you identify and correct your habits

Now, to pass the ICBC test effectively:

  1. Make the examiner’s list align with your eight years of driving habits through practice.

  2. Transfer short-term memory items to long-term memory.

  3. Eliminate long-term habits that don’t align with ICBC’s requirements, which can be tough under test pressure.

How to Convert Short-term Memories into Long-term Memories:

  1. Prioritize sleep.

  2. Practice, repeat, and sleep.

  3. Visualize the correct actions ten times a day.

Follow these steps to learn the new test-day way and succeed:

  1. Hire an experienced instructor.

  2. Compile a list of examiner requirements.

  3. Create a list of habits to change.

  4. Review these lists daily for at least 10 minutes.

  5. Visualize your new driving style frequently.

  6. Practice the new way rigorously leading up to your test day.

Wishing you the best of luck in your journey to becoming a quality driver!

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