high energy clients
Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear related to driving is the majority of my clients. Most have worked with previous […]
splash of paint beside a steel plank
STEEL  As we drive down the residential road at 30 or 40 km/h, we see a long line of parked […]
I  WANT TO BE A SUPER SAFE DRIVER! This is a familiar statement from many driving schools and driver training […]
man covering ears from loud horn
Toot – Beep Beep – Horn Recently a past client was taking me for a tour around the city. They […]
phone help in hand showing emergency alert
Smell keeps up safe when it warns us of potential dangers, such as a gas leak with a rotten egg […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
GO SEE ICBC’s DISCUSSION OF THIS CRASH CAR A – 100% AT FAULT CAR B – 0% 174 yielding right […]
office taking notes and crash driver on the phone at an accident scene
Most calls I get from my past clients are: On the rare occasion, I get a call from an ex-client […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Again, any lateral move must be done only when it is clear and safe to proceed laterally. On multi-lane highways, […]
car stopped on side of road at night
“If you see troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before […]
sign right turn symbol
SETUP 1. Approaching any turn, roadway or intersection first needs to be scanned to ensure it’s legal, you know where […]
heavy bumper to bumper traffic
A while back I wrote about heavy traffic. Today I talk about why it’s very difficult to train someone in […]
smashed windscreen on car
Be a safe pedestrian (ICBC) Knowing the precise numbers helps manage your perceived risk versus the actual risk help when […]
My observation of sitting beside a driver experiencing a panic attack or a sudden rush of anxiety is nothing compared […]
Q: What! Do you suggest I manage my co-pilot? CLIENT A: YES! Absolutely. This is your learning. Be responsible for […]

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