My observation of sitting beside a driver experiencing a panic attack or a sudden rush of anxiety is nothing compared […]
Q: What! Do you suggest I manage my co-pilot? CLIENT A: YES! Absolutely. This is your learning. Be responsible for […]
Today I received the new version of ICBC’s Code of Conduct rule for driver training, driving instructors and driving schools […]
For several decades I worked in the corporate world, led there by a personal drive to understand what the Ph.D.s […]
As you approach, is the rear car responding to your brake lights? Did you communicate your slow down early enough […]
Most mornings, I ride my bicycle to keep fit and enjoy the fresh air of beautiful Vancouver with little to […]
I just arrived in Vancouver. So many questions and so many steps to figure out how the driver’s license works […]
My heart goes out to both Maureen and the driving Instructor. Throwing a learner into the deep end of the […]
I caught this on a movie the other night. Why would this be added to the bottom of a stop […]
Three Flats in 12 Months! What are you doing?
Cooper where are you driving to hit so many flats? My Answer: Everywhere! I have certain priorities in life which […]
many on youtube enjoy Find More ON Youtube Here…
Restriction 21 corrective lenses required Habits, the keys to safe driving. My license requires that I wear corrective lenses, however, […]
THESE ARE COMMON WORDS FRIENDS and FAMILY SAY TO A NEW DRIVER “Hurry Up You Are Driving So Slow.” “Drivers […]
Oh no! It’s a Student Driver right in front of us and they’re always driving so slow! Good driver vs […]

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