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What is a Good Driver? Really? Cooper Asks

“Oh so let us toot the horn. Just give it a quick toot toot,” I calmly ask the new driver.

  • “What,” the first new driver responds, “You want me to toot the horn?”
  • “Well I don’t want to right now because there are cars around.” replies the second driver.
  • Bang bang bang goes the third driver’s hand as they search for the horn. After 3 or 4 attempts tooooot!
  • “What? I have never tooted the horn in my life. Really? You want me do that right now?” asks the fourth driver.

If you do not toot the horn every day, then you have built a habit of ‘not-tooting-the-horn’ as demonstrated by the above learners who came watching you not tooting.

…you have built a habit of not-tooting-the-horn…

Try this… for the next week every morning when you drive, toot the horn as quickly as possible, twice, super friendly, toot toot!

When was the last time you had to brake to avoid trouble? When was the last time you had to swerve to avoid trouble? Think back on these occasions and ask yourself, if you had tooted very early, would it had eliminated the need for you to move or brake?

I am in a car almost every day sitting in the passenger’s seat while drivers control my car. Sure I have dual brakes and gas but about three times a month I use the horn, toot toot to avoid a crash. Why? It is much easier to get the other driver to STOP coming into us than it is for us to aggressively,y with hard gas or hard brakes, get out of their way. It’s a super-powerful awareness tool that moves at 700 MPH in all directions and enters ALL BRAINS unimpeded through two holes in their heads. COOPER

WEEK 1: following distance

WEEK 2: left center right left LCRL

WEEK 3: toot toot

WEEK 4: brake lights early

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