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What is a Good Driver? Really? Cooper Asks

The entire set of cars ahead of you goes red. Dozens of red brake lights light up, indicating that the whole flow ahead of you is slowing.

What do you do?

Wast until the last second to slow because maybe they will be gone by the time you get there? Or do you want to save your brakes? Or you have a habit of dumping all of your speed in the last 5 meters of a slow down. Is it fun this way?

Tell the people behind you what you see ahead of you.

Communicate the slowdown you see ahead as far back behind to give other drivers lots of time and space to slow down and, in turn, send the slow down message further back behind.

How many times have you been surprised by the car ahead standing on their brakes, forcing you to do the same as your heart beats super fast!!!!!!!!

Try this for a week.

Look super far ahead and take note of whenever cars forward brake. Then immediately apply your brakes to communicate to the rear vehicles the slowdown.

Can you do it? Or did you forget ten minutes after reading this?

Good Habits are Super Powerful.

As are the Bad ones.

WEEK 1: following distance

WEEK 2: left center right left LCRL

WEEK 3: toot toot

WEEK 4: brake lights early

Is The Game Of Driving Similar To Other Games?

Does knowing the rules of a game improve your performance?

Are there opposing teams in this game: ICBC examiners, law enforcement, flow of traffic driving?

Do you know what the real rule book looks like? Have you ever seen it?

Do you know the percentage of failure in this driving game?

And what is failure in this game? A close call? A collision? An injury? A fatality?

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