winter tire closeup in snow landscape
Super bone-dry pavement (zero) grabs my four rubber tires, firmly holding my car to the ground. We apply the brakes, […]
teacher at black board pointer thrust forward
This month is my fourth year living in Vancouver. Often clients contact me outside of my teaching area and want […]
intersection with cars and road markings
“How can you play a game without knowing all the rules? Is not premium game playing that of knowing the […]
man stepping off cliff - no thinking required
“The things you teach me and talk about make sense when I drive with you, but as I move out […]
meter showing multiple colour ranges
To pass you must be able to vary your skills and perform in a set range and NOT go outside […]
hands from team holding pieces of the puzzle
SESSION 30Today was our thirties driving lesson for client “B.” (20 x1.5 hours = 30 hours total driving) (30 x1.5 […]
drivers thumb pressing controls on cars steering wheel
“I am trying to get the car to go straight. The steering wheel is straight, so why isn’t the car […]
“Change comes in many forms. Change to improve. Change to make it worse. Change to pretend and keep things the […]
“Constantly being vigilant with your vision scanning, extending the distance and the accuracy of tracking the complex traffic environment is […]
“Learning To Drive can be one of your life’s most rewarding and joyous learning experiences! Really! It’s like playing a […]
Driving Instructor Hair Dresser Certified Nursing Assistant 13 days 1000 hours supervised 4 to 12 weeks SEE LINK HERE SEE […]
Most mornings, I ride my bicycle to keep fit and enjoy the fresh air of beautiful Vancouver with little to […]
The following is posted on the City of Vancouver website which I found on June 26, 2022. Please click the […]
We teach 8-CHECKS to help our drivers catch these hidden stop signs. Many drivers may never realize that they blasted […]
Car Pulls Out From Stop Sign Directly Into My Bike’s Path! I was travelling north on Union St. Car was […]

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