1. You drive 39km/h in a posted maximum 30 km/h speed zone. At 33 you fail. Watch those posts on the corner as you turn!

2. Failing to yield to a vehicle that has the right of way typically when making a left turn on a green light or when jumping into traffic on a right turn on a red. Do not slow green traffic down.

3. Too slow when turning or cornering typically on a green when it’s your right to go, everything is clear, but you slow down / hesitant for no apparent reason.



Read 100% signs as a HABIT every time you drive.

“Oh, I don’t read all the signs, because I only read the important one.” “Really well how to you know some of the signs are unimportant if you don’t read them?”


Again this fits into 100% understanding of signs, lines laws and right of ways.

Stand at an intersection corner. You must be able to tell the colour, greens or reds for every object in the intersection and approaching the intersection.

This includes cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians and all EV’s. Who has the REDS the objects that must yield legally and who has the GREENS those objects that should be allowed to pass if the REDS obey the rules.

If I didn’t know 100% of the signs I would be very scared entering an intersection.


Know the right of ways who has greens who doesn’t and what speeds, flow of traffic is for each green so that when you join or cross over the green pathways YOU DO NOT SLOW THEM DOWN called fail to yield right of way.

Hesitant drivers typically do not know exactly who has what and hence they hesitate in odd places. KNOW! Must know before your test day to pass.


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