new acura sliding in dirt
My car is an Acura RDX 4-cylinder engine 4-door SUV sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive automatic transmission turbocharged leather […]
sunlight end of long road with vision written on the roadway
“If we taught driving forward, the same way most driving schools teach parking in reverse, drivers would need a master’s […]
“Learning To Drive can be one of your life’s most rewarding and joyous learning experiences! Really! It’s like playing a […]
Oh no! It’s a Student Driver right in front of us and they’re always driving so slow! Good driver vs […]
The demerit system sets up a listing of the most serious offences down to the lesser ones. A simple yet […]
What’s the cost of setting up the dual controls in your driving school car? $1500 to install the second brake […]
For the last six months, my average client age was 37-years-young. (a wide variety of clients work with us, but […]
Absolutely clean drive. Examiner said they drove amazing and near-perfect but… Did 38 in a 30 zone. FAIL Failed the […]
Yes, you are best to manage your practise person and make sure THEY experience success when they go drive with […]
MISSED RED STOP SIGN WHY? 57th and Prince Edward Vancouver Decades ago my best friend ran a stop sign […]
NO NO I live in B.C. None of this affects me. Oh really! Once a year a very skippery, hard […]
“If you turn right here, its faster.” “You could have made that light you know.” “You don’t need to drive […]
Count the distance the average car follows in traffic next time you drive. 1/2 second is very common. Following the […]
You will face this tremendous internal conflict when preparing with your driving school for your big ICBC test day. The […]

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