two cars hit each other
-2 minutes into the start of the driving exam -turns right onto a busy 50 km/h single-lane busy road with […]
you must now wait 14 days after your first test 30 days after your second test 60 days after your […]
it will not start – its already running The tires are bald, ripped cracked – look dangerous. the dash warning […]
Experienced drivers from many other countries come to Vancouver and must pass a second-level Class 5 (N) driving test. Many […]
I failed my driving test three times. I do my blind spot checks and I do my 360 scans but […]
Absolutely clean drive. Examiner said they drove amazing and near-perfect but… Did 38 in a 30 zone. FAIL Failed the […]
You drive 39km/h in a posted maximum 30 km/h speed zone. At 33 you fail. Watch those posts on the […]
Many people fail the ICBC driving test both class 5 and class 7 in seconds. Here, find error detection driver […]

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