1. it will not start – its already running
  2. The tires are bald, ripped cracked – look dangerous.
  3. the dash warning light is red – such as faulty airbag – may be dangerous to drive
  4. communication lights red, white, orange do not work or are broken damaged distorting effective communication with other cars – again may be dangerous.
  5. doors or windows do not close or open properly – cannot get out, in case of an emergency
  6. cracked damaged or illegal tint may interfere with safe operation – ensure the clear vision of the driver
  7. horn not working – I would say the most powerful safety device
  8. low gas or low electric charge
  9. no license or insurance or improper coverage
  10. seat belts not working or belt frayed
  11. other modifications that may not be legal – oversized tires – horn modifications – tinted windows – other

WEEK 1: following distance

WEEK 2: left center right left LCRL

WEEK 3: toot toot

WEEK 4: brake lights early

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