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Turn from the wrong lane – Red mark indicates where the driver turned left from, illegal and FAIL. Must go into the double-turn lane to make the left turn.

SPEED over 30K zone – speeding in the 30 kmh zone is a FAIL

Late shoulder checks – must check the lateral space beside the car BEFORE you make the lateral move, not during the move or when into the movement.

Missing shoulder checks – again, all lateral moves must be made legally with a signal and check to ensure safe and clear BEFORE moving laterally.

lack of should check for right turn – every turn every lateral movement must include a signal and a bland spot or should check to ensure the movement is safe and legal, meaning no car there and no bike or object there for you to move into – BEFORE you move

Ensure that these items are discussed during your driving lessons and driver training at your chosen driving school. Raise the bar and pass the ICBC driving test.


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