eyes looking center only

A driver right beside me in the lane to my right drove thru a busy construction zone, stopped at the red light and drove straight across. I watched them the entire time driving right next to them in the adjacent lane. Their eyes did not move off the forward path, staring straight ahead the entire time. Amazing! If you want to be surprised, this is a great way to do it.

Parked cars, doors swinging open unexpectedly, and a busy intersection teeming with vehicles cutting across your path – how can one overlook these crucial elements?

I often encounter clients who adopt this particular driving style, firmly believing it to be the optimal approach. Many European drivers, in particular, find it challenging to perform a blind spot check, expressing concerns like, “Isn’t it risky to divert my attention from our forward path?”

Indeed, tunnel vision represents just one of many driving styles.

Let’s engage in discussions about alternative styles! I’d like to share insights derived from my crash research collaboration with Transport Canada, where we conducted real-world experiments in traffic conditions designed to put pressure on drivers and uncover potential errors. There are numerous approaches to driving, so let’s explore them together. Join the conversation with Cooper.

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