Many believe that learning to drive is mainly learning information and placing it into your head, similar to storing files onto a hard drive.
Yes, learning to drive places new information into your brain, but it’s also training your body like learning yoga.

Starting yoga for many is simply weird.
Many don’t know what to do with their thinking.
Others feel awkward and have no idea what their body is supposed to do.
Plus, progress is very subtle and needs many small steps over long periods to see the benefits.
Over time my mind learns to be calm or progressively calmer.
My body day one is stiff with discomfort with some of the movements. In fact, at my age, I carry a lot of pain in my joints and bones.
Over time, the stiffness slowly leaves, and a fantastic sense of release comes as the stretches turn into pure pleasure and release of pain.
The more I do yoga, the more joy my body receives. And the calmer mind regenerates me in a way much different than a solid sleep.

Learning to drive should be a gentle small stepping on stones over more extended periods. The rush, the pressure to go faster, the fear of slowing cars down behind you, stress of many driver’s eyes watching you, requires a slow, careful path to manage and counteract all of these complex pressures.
A calm body and mind is the goal of a good driver, as with yoga.
The greatest of all driver education goals is Calm Driving.

The greatest of all driver education goals is Calm Driving.


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