Most mornings, I ride my bicycle to keep fit and enjoy the fresh air of beautiful Vancouver with little to no fear. But over the last year, my anxiety has spiked because of e-bikes.

I teach car driving, and one of the most important skills to grasp is dumping the tremendous momentum a car produces as your speed increases. The ease at which car controls have evolved essentially erases the concept that your 2000 kg of steel is moving with immense powers. 

This momentum turns a once steel solid, strong car into crumpled paper in a split second. 

I fear this huge momentum change with the new e-bikes!

My traditional bicycle weighs 10 kg.

Ebikes can weigh 30 kg.

Not to mention both the speed and acceleration differences. None of us regular bikes can keep up! Just try going for a typical bike ride with a friend who has the e-bike. Try it. You’ll see.

The explosion of e-bikes and scooters is predictively disastrous for all road users! What’s going on? What government agreed to allow this insanity? Why is it so hard to get an answer here? Did you vote for these things? Who’s leading this colossal change? And it’s funded by huge dollars! From where are these dollars coming? Do you care to ask? Do you feel better (righteous) not asking and not knowing?

Is this conversation part of your driving lessons from your local driving school? If not, why not?

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