Failure is a great teacher if you are listening.

In driving, experience is the accumulation of new and more information on the complex movement of traffic, on seeing more and different road designs, and on managing your own emotions, your vision and your decision making.

Close calls are a time to reflex, analyze and figure out what you can CHANGE before the same or a similar situation arises again. This is called experience. It’s called learning.

Change to improve and not repeat that last incident.

I say that if you don’t review the close call, document it, talk about it or write it down, it will quickly disappear into “it-never-happened-land.”

  1. What happened?
  2. Make a sketch?
  3. What could I have done differently?
  4. How can I prevent it from reoccurring?
  5. Is there any habit or habits that I repeatedly have that contributed to this close call?
  6. What new habits should I adopt starting NOW?

You are driving for your entire life!

Why not improve?


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